Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Meeting Up With The Gospel Pop Singer/Songwriter Award Winner

We had an exclusive interview with Blessify, and her expression contain definition
please read.


Q: Can you please tell our readers your real name as well as your stage name?

A:I am  Irene Blessing, my stage name is " Blessify "

Q: How old are you?

A: 37 years of age


Q: Where are you from and Where were you born?

A:  I am from Nigeria born in Lagos of Nigeria


Q: At What age did you start making music?

A: I started singing in the choir in my teenage years, recorded my first track 3 years ago


Q: What genre of music do you particularly love? Jazz? Hip-Hop? RnB? 

A: Gospel


Q: Who is your favourite artist and why?


She is so anointed and full of Grace and writes spirit filled lyrics.


Q: What are your hobbies?

A: Photographer


Q: Do you play any musical instrument?

A: Yes

Q: Where do you get your musical inspiration?

A: From the Holy Spirit within me and His word. Sometimes from personal life experiences.


Q: Who is your hero?

A: Sinach


Q: Do you write your own music?



Q: If you were given a chance, which Artist would you love to perform with?

A: Sinach, Tasha cobb, Ada,Todd Dulaney, William Mcdowell


Q: What would you like our readers to know about you?

A: Blessify is an international gospel artist and songwriter with a passion for writing songs that leads people to the presence of God with the help of the Holy Spirit, help people fix their eyes on Jesus to experience and be transformed by the Glory of His presence!

With a vision to minister God's word through music and to reconcile souls back to God.

She has ministered and directed music on different international platforms.

She has so far released about 13tracks including a 4tracks Ep, Sunday school songs for the children that has been blessing to so many people all around the world to the Glory of God.

 She is also into children's ministry, communicating the love of God and catching them young for the love of Christ.

Partnering with parents and teachers of young kids to teach children about the love of God and faith in God through songs.

Connect with Blessify:



Monday, September 20, 2021

                       The Revelation Of "Precious Etteh"

" How I Determined To Top The Gospel Pop Chart"

On the 5th of may 2021, Kingdom Radio 94.9 FM, Sweden, initiated the "Top 20 Gospel Music Award 2021". Gospel Artists worldwide were taking part. The contest was taking part exclusively online. Fans were voting online and could be able to like their favourite artists and songs.

On the 5th of June the Gospel song contest was successfully concluded

with a clear winner, who poll the highest votes and most likes: 

 Gospel Singer and Songwriter Precious Etteh from Germany

With over 10.000 votes from her fans around the world she made a big difference to her opponents with only up to 2000 votes.

This "Top 20 Gospel Music Award" has taken Precious Etteh

to a higher level in her music career. 

Get ready to hear, see and support the great Precious Etteh. She will take part on more gospel song contests and determine to win! 

More about her powerful determination can be viewed on 

N I C C project Weblog[ https://niccproject.com/precious-etteh/ ]

Friday, September 17, 2021


Jenna Nation-Live On Radio Chart Intelligent

The Canadian RnB/Pop singer and song writer"Jenna Nation" had an exclusive interview live on radio chart intelligent 92.5 FM city mix show in Germany with the Legend DJ BobMitchell. Her expressions contains good definitions that has overwhelmed more than 50.000 listeners on 92.5 FM radio weser.TV Germany.
You can also listen to her tracks here: https://radio-chart.com/profile/jenna  

Saturday, April 10, 2021

 The German based gospel singer songwriter and performer "Precious Etteh, released her Very first EP entitled- FAITHFUL GOD-Available for downloading also on USB Stick and CD ordering.

Monday, February 1, 2021

D’Vo – Just A lover Of Music Singing For Christ

D’Vo – Just A lover Of Music Singing For Christ
n.e.r.d. life by D’Vo is a Christian Hip Hop and Soul artist from Houston, TX. He
is the voice of Global Rhythm and Owner of the label, Element 11. Within the
past year, he has released a Christian Hip Hop series called The Codex, Volume I
& II.

D’Vo’s style of music features a unique blending of hip-hop with down south
soul, jazz, rap with modulated voices and chopped & screwed. His futuristic
sound has earned him two top-charting songs, What I Can or Can’t Achieve and
I’ll Find My Way.

D’Vo proves himself versatile as the lead singer in his band, Global Rhythm, a
soul fusion and funk band consisting of four talented artists from around the
world. Their mix of authentic instruments, soulful vocals, and funky beats will
make you want to swing dance on Beale Street in Downtown Memphis.
The bandmates of Global Rhythm had their appearance on D’Vo’s first album,
The Codex: I’ve Got Next, in the song One Love as well as his second album, The
Codex: Running the Point, on Me and My Friends. D’Vo and his band, Global
Rhythm recently released a song called, ‘A Love That Stays The Same’ and he is
working on his upcoming albums to join The Codex as a series.

Let’s keep our eyes on this talented artist and watch his progression in the
music industry. It appears he is not going anywhere anytime soon, as he
mentions his commitment to using his talent to serve God.

Hey, it’s n.e.r.d. Life by D’Vo and I wanted to encourage you with this song, Elavated Thinkin from The Codex Volume II. You can do anything you put your mind to, yea it may be cliche, but it’s true. When no one else believes in you, believe in yourself and have confidence.

 D’Vo Website > …https://nerdlifebydvo.com/

One-on-One With The legendary Prodigy Singer/Songwriter & Performer”WURIE-J”

One-on-One With The legendary Prodigy Singer/Songwriter & Performer”WURIE-J”

A: I am a Man with lots of experiences despite my current disability which has giving Me more encouragements. I’m not sighted but I am an optimist. I’m also wishing everybody to leave a happy life and have a piece of mind. I repeat again that I’ve been through lots of difficulties in life, words cannot explain it all as a child who lost loving mother at the age of 4, and dearest father at the age of 6 with no sight to see than to feel and smell things. Thanks’ to God  and the people all around me, who have helped me to achieve a good educational Standard up to the University level as a blind child with musical talent. I will like our readers to also have courage and not to be discouraged.

For more info & Bookings> https://niccproject.com/contact-us-2/

Sunday, August 30, 2020

 Honourable "PHIL JOSEPH"
The Platinum Awards Winning Singer/Songwriter
And Performer.

Phil Joseph, born in Birmingham, England has had a lifelong deep interest in music and over 25 years experience in the music industry.

Having released an album in 1995, entitled 'Heartbreaker', Phil has proved popular in Europe gaining regular airplay in Belgium, Spain, France and Germany.  One track from the album, a cover of the Nat King Cole classic 'Unforgettable', and a personal favourite of Phil's, has been reworked and remixed in 1999 and is currently generating plenty of interest and positive feedback from radio stations and local

 press in Germany and Spain.

Over the past few years, he has worked with artists including Pato Banton, Steel Pulse and Bashara.


This follows an already popular release of Phil's version of Patsy Cline's 'He's Got You (She's Got You)', which was a real ground breaker for Phil in the European market.


To further illustrate his extensive involvement in music, Phil is currently performing in Clubs throughout the UK and also abroad.


Phil Joseph's music styles are soul, motown, hip hop, and reggae. 

Phil Joseph:- singer, songwriter and performer from a very early age. I started my recording career in the late 70's with Tony Owens, who was at that time managing Musical Youth. I love soul, reggae, and dance music of most types and of course my hero Nat King Cole.


You can find my five solo albums and countless singles available for sale or download here within my website. I am presently recording a new album. It includes some of my favourite songs of all time. I left some previews for you to listen to. I average around 120 shows a year and would love to see you there. I am always available for gigs and would be interested in working with artists in any genre.

Radio stream

Official Website link >website

Monday, April 27, 2020

“GABRIELE SARO” The Multi Award Winning SongWriter Composer Music Teacher and NBO Member (NLP)

"GABRIELE SARO" The Multi Award Winning Songwriter & Composer-for film & therapeutic music; jingles/commercials, R&B songs; Music Teacher and NBO Member (NLP)
Gabriele Saro was born in Spilimbergo (Pordenone, Italy) and he lives in Villalta di Fagagna (UD). From an early age he showed a great predisposition towards music, when at the age of 6 he reproduced on the piano the melodies he heard on television.

He has been always motivated by two different attitudes: on one hand scientific rational, on the other hand artistic and creative. He has a scientific A levels and a Bachelor Degree in Business Economy, a Diploma in Violin and a Master of Music in Film Composition: different paths, but Gabriele knows how to mix them perfectly. That's why he accomplished a Master in Neuro-linguistic Programming in 2012 and a collaboration with NLP's international trainer Marco Valerio Ricci for the realization of sound material for therapies: music and rationality, research and harmony.

These are just a few interest of Gabriele, the ones which influence his artistic career: anthropology, biology and science fiction... but the most important activity is beyond doubt music and composition.

He cooperates as a violinist in classic and light music, he sings in various choirs of Friuli Venezia Giulia and he also went on several tournée abroad with them, the last one in Canada.

But not just the violin: infact, Gabriele can play also the piano and the organ, he listens to music of all kind, especially soundtracks. He deeply believes that a man never stops learning: he combines the experience gained over years (concerts and choral direction seminary, summer camps and wind orchestra contests) with passion for composition. He attended Masterclass in Film Scoring and Production Music with M° Hans Zimmer, DJ Armin Van Buuren, M° T.C. Jones, M° P. Buonvino M° R. Frattini, M° G. Plenizio, M° R. Calabretto M° S. Rapezzi and M° G. De Mezzo and in composition, arrangement and direction with M° Conrade Pope, M° R. Stroope, M° V. Miskinis, M° V. Sivilotti, M° R. Miani, M° L. Donati, M° A. Cadario, M° V. Zoccatelli, M° A. Martinolli,  M° W. Pfaff, M° V. Poles, M° G. Venier and M° M. Corcella. He is active member on Masterclasses in Film Making with the Directors Ron Howard, Werner Herzog, Martin Scorsese and Spike Lee.

Art and science, holy and profane: Gabriele's dual soul reveals itself also in the variety of his compositions published. Rising sacred music composer thanks to many masses and pieces for "a cappella" or with instrumentals, boasts many flattering appreciations also for his profane compositions, mainly for symphonic and wind orchestra.

The enthusiasm and the passion for his job and for his life got him in touch with lots of persons, creating new collaborations. He recorded CDs "Sunsets", "Sunsets 2" "Passion" and “SensationS” (on AMAZON, BigCartel, Macrolibrarsi, Il Giardino dei Libri, and on digital download worldwide). These tracks for piano, violin and cello, awarded at Global Music Awards, can be considered as first works that bring Gabriele closer to the world of incidental music: those are the most appreciated works according to the public in Concert Halls and radio broadcasting, in USA, Canada and Japan in particular, making Gabriele extremely proud.

He has plenty of collaborations: he works and share his notes also with lots of artists also for Pop, R&B, Club, Rock and Electronic Music. One recent achievement for Gabriele is the agreements that he signed with prestigious American Licensing Companies and Publishers, like  Simply Grand Music Inc., Music Of The Sea Inc., Audiosparx and Songtradr for the commercial licensing of these tracks (Top 100 Artists, Omnicom Group NYC, major films, indie films, networks and cable tv, advertising, in store play, phone apps, video games); his music, distributed also with the Alias Gabe Saro, has been pitched by Companies like FOX, BBDO,  L'Oreal, Fed Ex, American Media Inc., Clockwise Media Ltd.

He won several National and International Prizes, in Songwriting like USA Songwriting Competion and UK Songwriting Contest, and in Choral, Orchestral and Film Music Competitions; gorgeous moments for the Contemporary R&B songs proposed and heard by superstars like Usher, Chris Brown and Rihanna.

Among his Awards, music for documentaries, being part of the Virtual Choir 4 and 5 by E. Whitacre, more than 800 tunes registered with   S.I.A.E. and  ASCAP (USA), being full member at The Guild of International Songwriters and Composers, andbeing selected on titles for entrance examination on a Master in Composition post Diploma by the prestigious Academy of Lubiana (2017)

A life for music, and music for Life: this is the real biography of Gabriele.


Friday, April 10, 2020



Monday, March 30, 2020

Jeyar X Maley - Kostenlose Liebe


JEYAR & MALEY "Kostenlose Liebe "
Official Video Now streaming on YouTube.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

                                                    JENNA NATION-Radio Chart

Friday, February 14, 2020


The sensational gospel singer, song writer
 And actress, has just released another
Gospel reggae single track titled”LORD IT’S YOU I TRUST”
The song is like anthem to all believers.   
Now the vocally powered young woman will inspire her audience
Once again with her newly released song.

Sing With Precious ETTEH And buy her songs on Every digital online shop near you Amazon, Apple, ITunes, Spotify & more Now streaming on: Vimeo Videos.. https://vimeo.com/390350812 IMIXTV...http://imixtv.imixfm.com/video/153/-q... List On: 92.5 FM Radio Weser.TV /Mix Bosses Germany Radio-Chart Network Germany MIxBiz Radio Northern Ireland, North America & more. For more Info Please Contact us: N I C C project Promotion info@niccproject.com TEL: +4917664268062 (WEB) www.niccproject.com

Sunday, February 2, 2020

NYC Singer/Songwriter And Actress “Ashley Wool”

Ashley Wool wrote her first song at the age of 7, to accompany a "butterfly rock star" character she conceived for Halloween that year. Her one-of-a-kind theatrical instincts have informed her artistry ever since. As a freshman at SUNY Geneseo--where she was one of five students in the inaugural class of the school's newly-designed musical theatre major--she released an EP of original songs, Not Otherwise Specified, which she funded by washing dishes in her school dining hall. Recorded in an old brick building that was formerly the town poorhouse and asylum, on eight tracks with live instrumentation and no frills, her "little record that could" gained airplay on numerous radio stations and podcasts, including Sirius XMU, Live365 and Broadcast Asylum, securing her a comfortable niche in the independent music scene. She even received nominations for Indie Song of the Year and Indie Artist of the Year at the Musiqtone Musiqwards--she lost both categories to Hanson, but since they're her favorite band and one of her earliest musical inspirations, she wasn't mad.
Ashley stepped out of the indie music world after college to focus on theatre, and has since built a dynamic resume of critically-acclaimed performances in the NYC and tri-state area. She received a BroadwayWorld Award nomination for playing a gender-bent Simon Zealotes in Jesus Christ Superstar with Madison Lyric Stage, as well as an OnStage Critics Award nomination for playing Wednesday Addams in the Westchester regional premiere of The Addams Family. Some of her other favorite roles include Evita in Evita, Amy in Company, and Kira/Clio in Xanadu (twice).
But in 2016, after a tumultuous personal year further heightened by the intensifying socio-political climate surrounding her and her fellow artists, her songwriting muse returned with a vengeance, and she knew it was time to get back in the studio. In collaboration with producer Gabriel Pressman and industrial pop-rock performer Garek, the pieces began falling together for an album of new material and so Boycott Ashley Wool was born. The title originated as a cheeky nod to some Internet trolls, but in the context of the album it takes on a deeper meaning as a commentary about defiance, rebellion, calling people out, and calling yourself out. Themes of insecurity, privilege, and betrayal play out over catchy pop hooks fused with industrial and punk influences--and of course, plenty of theatrical flair.​
She is, after all, still a butterfly rock star on the inside--just older, wiser, and hopefully woker.

Ashley released the first single from her new collection, "Half of My Life," on January 6, 2020.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020


Born in 1997 in Montecchio Emilia (Italy), Kevin Braga, also known as KB or Kevin B, is an Italian author, producer, rapper and singer. He started writing EDM songs at the age of fourteen, but he didn't release any of his projects until 2019, after he met his current producer and mentor Fléxy, Ceo of “KIP IT SEXY ENTERTAINMENT”, in Milan during a fashion Show for Milano fashion week. The choice to get involved in the professional music scene was born after an episode that changed his life and his mindset. Due to a myocarditis at the beginning of 2019, he suffered from a heart attack and the hospitalization gave him the courage to overcome people’s judgement. Out of love and courage comes his debut single “Come Fiori Di Ciliegio”, an Italian Pop-Rap song with some Lofi and Italian Indie style vibes, dedicated to a big lost love. “Come Fiori Di Ciliegio” is the first Released song written in Italian by Kevin Braga and it instigated the birth of his artistic career in

 Official Video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/5JxSwaSLPqs

Monday, January 13, 2020

Precious Etteh Featuring the Sony Records Signed Artist Christian Bakotessa on her new single titled +COVENANT KEEPING G O D+ Had an exclusive live interview on Radio Weser TV / Mixxbosses 92.5 FM in Germany. The Gospel Pop song went straight up on Radio Chart TOP 15 Tracks listed as No 1...gain a huge amount of listeners on the first Sunday Show program on Radio Chart-#radiochart...This has also created attractions and been Aired on other radio networks. The song is now available on all digital online shop near you. Amazon-itunes-spotify-Deezer & more. Biography-https://niccproject.com/precious-etteh/ Connect With Precious Etteh For Updates ! FaceBook-https://www.facebook.com/precious.ett... Instagram-https://www.instagram.com/precious_et... Youtube-https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC617...
Fléxy is the breath of fresh air, that is currently taking the world by storm. He is revolutionising the music scene with a unique blend of Pop and Afrobeats. Born Nelsy Akomor, popularly known as Fléxy is an entertainer, a singer/songwriter, humanitarian and an entrepreneur, raised in Sapele, Delta State, Nigeria.
His music is being projected and anticipated, as becoming one of the biggest global musical exports. Described by fans as a prolific and remarkable artist, gifted with an exceptional talent, irresistible charisma, versatility, creativity, a unique and enchanting voice and style.

Musically classified as an Afro-Pop artist, his sound cuts across genres like Pop, Rhythm and Blues (RnB), Soul, Hip Hop, Afrobeats and Dancehall. Always with a "personal touch". Talking about a very multi-talented artist with a truly incredible and inspiring story, as an immigrant in Italy, this young star comes with an absolutely complete package and a story that is overwhelming. He has worked with successful and award-winning producers like: Eyoh Soundboy, Giampaolo Pasquile, Mekoyo, Edoardo Goodvibes Romano, Tony Ross, Puffy T, TY Mix, Foster Zino, JWC amongst others. Fléxy is currently affiliated with BMI International. In February 2015, he participated in the most prestigious Italian music festival, "Fes- tival di Sanremo" as a backup artist for the famous Italian singer 'RAF' (Universal Music Italy).
In November/December 2016, he participated as a chorister and leader of one of the choirs of "Kid's Got Talent Italy". He has also collaborated as a songwriter with "Chart Vision International" (USA), "Associazione Italiana Musicisti S.r.l. (Italy) as well as numerous other collaborations. In 2016 he released the single "Feeling The Bass (Acoustic Version)" accompanied by a captivating video.  He was nominated in four categories at the 8th Annual "South South Music Awards (SSMA 2016). Fléxy’s popularity is growing rapidly in Nigeria, Africa, Holland, Germany, UK, Russia, Italy and some South American countries.  He is trending on various international blogs, terrestrial and web radio stations, television networks, entertainment sites and magazines. Fans are in love with Fléxy's new single "It's Possible" released 20/01/2019. And are eagerly waiting for the album #ItsPossible.

Tel:+39 338434820

Friday, November 22, 2019

” DJ C Y R E ” The Most Famous Trance Artist Producer In Germany

DJ CYRE is a well-known Trance-DJ from Stuttgart in Southern Germany. He's also host of the beloved TRANCE.MISSION events at Four Runners Club Ludwigsburg together with his best friend Christian K.
His first production "Cala Conta" was released in summer 2013 at Songbird / Black Hole Recordings (NL) and became part of Richard Durand's famous compilation "In Search Of Sunrise - Vol. 11" right away! His second production "Ibiza Calling" - a collaboration with DJ T.H. - was released in December 2015 at Levitated Music / Silent Shore Records and gained lots of attention and even became the "Future Sound" in Aly & Fila's FSOE radioshow. His third production "Salida Del Sol" - another collaboration with DJ T.H. - was released in October 2016 also at Levitated / Silent Shore and was an even bigger success - it even was voted the "Future Favorite" in Armin van Buuren's legendary ASOT radioshow.
Now in 2018 it is time for the next level - which is "Destino Eivissa" on AVA Recordings / Black Hole.

Friday, November 8, 2019

* Classically trained
* A Level Music and Grade 8 Piano
* Used to club at Beyond at Club Colesseum
Found music they played revolutionary - Haji, Freemasons, Syke 'n' Sugastarr, Spencer & Hill real inspirations. I endeavour to produce tracks that I used to love to dance to...
* Trained exercise-to-music instructor
* The Light (It's Fantastic) was broadcast on BBC Radio 6's Introducing Mixtape:www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b02qxjzq
* No Time to Rest and When The Lights Go Down have been chosen by Tom Robinson, host of Fresh on the Net as 'This Week's Extra Gems':www.soundcloud.com/#tomrobinson/sets/gems20130301www.soundcloud.com/#tomrobinson/sets/gems20130419
* Fanbase recently reached over 530 on Radio Airplay: www.jango.com/music/SRJ?l=0


Meeting Up With The Gospel Pop Singer/Songwriter  &  Award Winner " BLESSIFY " We had an exclusive interview with Blessify, an...